Skin is Canvas for Mehron UK

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Creating beautiful images on someone’s skin for a canvas is nothing new for talented body painters Sarah Ashleigh and Branka Vorkapic.  They’ve been doing this for years.Mehron UK back skyline

Recently invited to body paint some British themed artwork for Mehron UK, Sarah and Branka created a look to depict the ‘Best of British’ and then painted their human canvasses using the fabulous Mehron Paradise AQ makeup.  Designing a scene of the London skyline on the backs of the girls was the first part of the image, using a number of the fabulous metallic colours. Mehron Body Paint Creation On the front, Branka suggested (in perfect timing with the vote to keep Scotland part of the UK, the Union Jack was painted.  Male model Sam was the body painted up as one of the Queen’s Guards – and later on that day posed in London’s famous Carnaby Street for a few photos too.

“I’ve loved face painting since I was a little girl and always been arty” Sarah told me.  She completed a degree in specialist make up at West Thames College, where she went on to discover more about the world of body painting.  At that point, you can pretty much say she fell in love with it.

Since then, Sarah’s amazing creative work has seen her body painting and providing make up for fancy dress, parties, corporate events and advertising as well as appearing in magazines.  She’s even (despite being embarrassed about her appearance) been on ITV’s This Morning with Alan Titchmarsh!  “I love visiting the World Body Painting Festival in Austria every year and came 2nd in the student category when I was studying”.

Meeting up with her ‘co pilot’ Branka, Sarah says was a lucky move for her.  The two now frequently work together, their skills complimenting each other perfectly.   Last year they entered the World body painting festival competition and placed 23rd in the world for brush and sponge category.  The girls were our only British finalists!

I’ve seen Sarah and Branka in action and both are amazing in their work.  Their use of colour and detail and creativity is clear to see, and it’s also obvious why they work so well together.  I can’t wait to see their next project!

And Mehron – How did it all start for Mehron?
Mehron Melik founded Mehron Inc. in 1927 in New York City, just off Broadway, right in the heart of the theatre district. Mehron Body PaintPerfectly located, Mehron catered for the makeup needs of the artists and performers in theatre, vaudeville, burlesque, opera, ballet, and silent films.  Slightly later, after the start of WWII, Mehron devoted his talents and expertise to helping severely disfigured soldiers learn how to use makeup products to camouflage their scars, wounds and burns.

During the 1950’s and 1960’s, the entertainment business began to migrate across the United States. In order to keep pace, the distribution of professional quality makeup products shifted to retail outlets and hundreds of stores became Mehron dealers  In 1971, Mehron’s son, Martin Melik, assumed control of the family business. He implemented new methods of promotion and distribution, expanded and improved the Mehron product line, and ushered in a new era of aggressive growth and customer service.

2012 marked the 85th year of operation for Mehron, and today, a diverse group of over 3,000 retail specialty stores carries the Mehron brand of products, worldwide. Brand distribution is supported by a select group of full-line, full-service stocking distributors in the United States, U.K., Indonesia, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, Malaysia, Korea and Hong Kong.Mehron Palette

The UK stockist – Mehron UK commissioned this British themed body paint shoot using Paradise Makeup AQ.  The body paint is semi-soft, water activated moist cake makeup co-created with Mehron by Jinny Houle, World Renowned Body Painting Artist. Paradise is the makeup that thrust body painting into a new dimension with its wide selection of dynamic colours. Because it is water activated, the hues of the colours can be controlled by the artist. Professional body painters and face painters love the ease of application and the ability to fully control the depth of the colours.  With a huge colour range that goes from bold, striking matt to brilliant metallic sheens, and the well known coconut scent, Mehron’s Paradise Makeup AQ is world famous.  As a brand, Mehron makes products specifically for commercial theatrical, educational, motion picture, television, video, opera, clowning, Halloween, and face painting markets, with their products sold in over 25 countries worldwide.  Today, many large productions including Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, The Metropolitan Opera, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and The American Ballet Theatre depend on Mehron products to look their best and performers such as the Black Eyed Peas, Hilary Duff and Pink are brand fans.


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Create This Look

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Using Mehron Makeup, first I used Celebre Pro HD Foundation to create a high quality base for the model’s skin.  Then to show you how I created this look on her eyes, I’ve detailed what colours and products I used and where I used them

JC Hermier Bruja Estrella Howe Katrina Stamp1 – Eyebrows; brushed gently and shaped then defined by filling in with E.Y.E. Powder Cocoa

2 – The brow bone is highlighted subtly with Precious Gems in Diamond

3 – Into the corner of the eye, Precious Gems Diamond is blended with Precious Gems Citrine

4 – E.Y.E. Powder Espresso is a base to the socket area, blended into E.Y.E. Powder colour Black over the base colour

5 – E.Y.E. Powder Black is applied under the bottom lashes and blended above into section 4Eye

Here’s how to do this:

Mehron UK meets Paris Fashion Week

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Sometimes, you get the most amazing opportunities that you can’t miss – Paris Fashion Week for 2014/2015 was one of mine!  I got invited to go to Paris Fashion Week and be on the makeup team for the Carlotta Actis Barone AW 2014-15 show!!!  And what better way to do this, but by working as Lead Makeup Artist for Carlotta and bringing her together with the fabulous professional makeup company, MehronLongest Catwalk

I love Paris, I love fashion and I love makeup!

Carlotta’s collections are the expression of her artistic and socially orientated background.

The Designer – Carlotta Actis Barone
She was born and raised in Italy, the daughter of a visual artist and a published author, where she grew up in a very creative environment, stimulated and encouraged to cultivate her creative interests in literature and the arts.  Carlotta then moved to London and graduated with honours from Central Saint Martins.  After this she then gained experience working for designers and houses such as Stella McCartney, Balmain and BCBG Max Azria among others; building her knowledge and working towards establishing her own brand, which she launched at London Fashion Week in September 2010.  She has since featured in Vogue and continues to build a strong name for herself.

Carlotta had a definite idea of what she wanted to compliment her latest collection – her style is very unique, with a strong signature, which relates extremely modern matters whilst also drawing on influences from the past. Her garments are tasteful and bold, conveying statements and messages through intricate shapes, slogans and symbols. As she says herself, Carlotta likes to give to her clothes a voice of their own, so the wearer is not only a representation of femininity but also the carrier of a message.

The Collection
Carlotta Actis Barone’s AW14-15 Collection reaffirms her signature Steam Punk Feel.

‘Futuristic Retro’ is the key element that revisits the exploration of a survivor of the nuclear apocalypse. She reuses natural elements of the past such as signature wools and silks and crafts studs and chains into the reconstruction of the garments, incorporating the silhouette into a modern day warrior through the reinvention of shape.

Variations of wools create an innovative balance of both volume and structural patterns, which effortlessly wrap the body without restriction. Textured knitwear and distressed t-shirts embody a contemporary perspective of a war’s survivor as she wears them proudly while rising back from the ashes like a phoenix.

Unconventional textures are blended together with dusk shades of black and charcoals that contrast against a palette of vivid auburn and rich burgundy. Bold plated studs inject radiant silver and gold against the garments neutral colour palette, representing it as armour as a defence for the woman.

The Makeup
In advance of the show, I worked behind the scenes with Carlotta and Mehron UK to finalise and create the makeup look to meet the expectations she had.

My brief – “For the makeup, Carlotta’s girls’ skin is to look fresh, flawless and youthful.  Mehron PFW 14 face chartThe models are wearing the typical “Steam Punk gears” as accessories, on the face almost appearing as though they got attached to the skin from the explosion.  For the makeup colours they need to perfectly match the black and burgundy palette of the collection itself, with more focus on the eyes other then the lips.  To finish off the warrior mood they have metallic colours underlining the eyes to lighten up the whole look.  The hair is glamorously braided, but messy at the same time.”

To complement the designs, and to ensure the fresh, flawless look for Carlotta’s models, I chose Celebre Pro HD Makeup and Celebre Pro HD Loose Mineral Finishing powder to set the foundation.  I then selected the makeup colours that matched Carlotta’s collection colour palette, for the eyes and lips.  To create the look, we applied a soft, smudged line on the top and lower lids using Black E.Y.E. Liner Pencil, then we applied a generous coating of Celebre Precious Gem Powder in Tigers Eye from the corner of the eye to the center of the bottom lashes – to link with the gold in the collection and brighten the eye.  Katrina Stamp Mehron UKE.Y.E Power in Black Onyx was smudged from the lid of the eye, corner to center, and blended with CHEEK Powder in Bold Red.  The red was to be more prominent than the black and the two colours were blended to the underneath outer corner of the eye.  For the cheeks I selected  CHEEK Powder in Rosewood or Mocha, depending upon the model’s skin colouring.  It was meant to be striking and therefore the blush started from the temples, blending down, but avoiding the apples of the cheeks.  And finally for the lips we blended L.I.P Cream in Chocolate with Velvet Rose (being a last minute change to the look), and topped it with Glosstone PRO in Crystal Clear.  To complete the look, Steampunk style bronze and gold pieces were added to the right hand side of the face from forehead to cheek, and fabulous black studded false nails, created by Sarah Wright Nail Design were applied to each model.

To showcase the collection, Carlotta held a Street Show. Carlotta Actis Barone Olivier Rostan “This was a huge publicity event for the designer and her collection,” said Lauren Thompson of Mehron UK.  “The show’s head MUA Katrina Stamp spoke with many members of the Paris media, including Grazia French Magazine.”

The Makeup Team
Katrina Stamp – Lead MUA
Valbona (Bobbi) Bicker
Christelle Pellecuer
Nikki Tipping

Paris Fashion Week Team Carlotta Cassandra MayersMehron NYC said “We LOVE the designs and the makeup that highlighted them.”
You can read Mehron‘s own blog about this for Paris Fashion Week 2014 here –

High Definition Foundation – Flawless Coverage from Mehron

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American makeup and cosmetics company Mehron have launched their
new Celebre Pro HD Foundation and its fabulous!Image

A creamy, non greasy, oil and fragrance free foundation that contains three skin enhancing ingredients – Aloe Vera, Pomegranate and Vitamin E
Not only does it give flawless, coverage, but its ingredients are actually good for your skin too!

The foundation comes in 20 colours, all of which can be bought individually, or as a palette for professional makeup artists. I am lucky to have the full colour range palette – it’s a key essential in my kit and I’ve used it on photo shoots, film sets and backstage on fashion shows.

The palette comes in four shades of each; light, light medium, medium and dark as well as colours specific for Chinese and Japanese skin tones. Each colour is silky, satin smooth and you can build up the coverage as much as you need to.
ImageThe Black Eyed Peas, Pink and Hilary Duff have all used Mehron’s products on stage, and, in February 2014, Mehron sponsored the makeup products for designers Bora Aksu, Haizhen Wang and Gyunel for the runway at London Fashion Week AW2014, using the Celebre Pro Foundation.

Celebre Pro HD Foundation is available from Treasure House of Makeup the exclusive stockist and distributor of Mehron in the UK .

Prime Time

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Getting married?  Have a major event where you need your makeup to look flawless AND have your foundation last? Then use a Primer! If you’re getting married, your makeup needs to look as flawless for your evening celebrations as it does for your arrival to the wedding ceremony and your photographs. But, foundation isn’t what makes your makeup look even and last, a good foundation primer is.

So what is a primer and why use it?  

There are a number of cosmetic primers (eyes, lips, foundation, mascara) available on the market, all with the purpose of prepping the area before applying in makeup. By using a foundation primer first, after your moisturiser has sunk in but before you apply your foundation, the skin will be smoother to start with meaning that your foundation will sit much more evenly and smoothly on your skin, and the longevity of your foundation increases.   In respect of foundation primers, they work like a moisturiser under foundation, decreasing the look of fine lines, blemishes and pigmentation. Some give a more matte appearance, reducing shine, some contain light reflecting particles to make the skin more radiant and some are tinted to improve skin tone.  They ease the application of foundation and are meant to create a barrier between foundation and skin.  Whatever, your preference a good primer provides a good base giving a great flawless complexion and helping your makeup last.  

I reviewed five on the market (previously printed in Just Weddings Magazine, September 2013) and there’s some more detail about each one here –

MAC Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage – £20.50
An ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special effect silicones.  The primer calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. Armani FLUID MASTER PRIMERMAC Prep & PrimeBy using this primer the lay down and application of foundation or powder is improved.

Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer – £34.50
This luxurious ‘second skin’ primer once applied matifies and smoothes, instantly creating the illusion of flawless skin, leaving it soft and prolonging your makeup wear.

Mehron Velvet Finish Primer Serum – £18.28 + pp Velvet Finish Mehron Primer
This primer has been formulated with a fully stabilized Vitamin C Complex that resists normal breakdown from air, heat and moisture. It also contains Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamin E to heal, soothe, and hydrate your skin. The glass bottle of primer even comes packaged in a little black
drawstring bag!  Nice finishing touch.  So cute and just looks fabulous on your dressing table.

Prime Magic Face Primer – £4.95 W7 PRIME_MAGIC_TUBES
This silicone based primer has a fabulous matt, silky finish and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores making the complexion smooth and flawless.

Look Beauty Prime Perfect – £10
Any slight skin wobbles? Meet your makeup’s BFF.  A thin, skin-perfecting layer before you apply the rest of your makeup will see your look last much longer.  Can be worn alone or under foundation.SONY DSC

Avant Guarde Crazy Makeup Fun!

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Had such a great, crazy time being super creative and styling this model Chloe Burton on the photoshoot with Harvey Gordon last week (photographer from I was given a free rein on the makeup and styling, with only these two conditions – avant guarde and Chloe’s height to be excessive (yes – she’s stood on a bucket!!)

Here is the end result!Avant Guarde Crazy Makeup Fun!

For her makeup look I primed Chloe’s skin with Mehron Velvet Finish Primer, before applying her foundation – Mehron’s Celebre Pro HD Foundation.  This foundation is superb; oil and fragrance free, smooth, non greasy and contains anti oxidants! Great if you have someone with sensitve skin, and it can be applied as little as needed or layered to get a fuller coverage.

To stop any shine, I applied Ben Nye’s Media Pro HD Powder (colourless), which holds the makeup perfectly and doesn’t look heavy or caked on.

Her eyes were defined using highly pigmented Ben Nye’s Essential Eye Shadow Palette in black and lined with Mehron’s black kohl eyeliner pencil to get a dark gothic effect. False lashes applied from the Eyelure Girls Aloud range and coated with extra mascara to increase the thickness.

But the best part was drawing in OTT eyebrows in red, and colouring her lips blue black! Thanks Barry M Cosmetics! Your vibrant red lip liner and navy and black eyeliners did this job perfectly.

Makeup done, I dressed Chloe in swathes of velvet and wrapped a boa of ostrich feathers around her head!

Crazy day and more images on my website and my Facebook page – Katrina Stamp Makeup Artist

Ben Nye & Mehron makeup supplied from Treasure House of Makeup