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Velvet Kiss

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I’ve just tried out the 4 new colours for MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer…. These really are LONG – lasting and kiss proof.

There are 9 highly pigmented, velvety smooth colours in the range which you can buy exclusively from Superdrug or online at MUA Academy and they’re only £3 each!

They really do stay put, with a bold matte finish. Perfect for that velvet kiss and selfie pout!

Dazzle It Bright

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MUA Luxe from Makeup Academy has a brand new collection of Glitter Nail Polish to dazzle and sparkle your way through summer days and into those party nights. There are six fabulous colours and all of them contain different sized pieces and colours of glitter that make a fabulous sparkly impact in your nails. On their own they’re amazing, but try painting them over the top of your favourite shade to make them really WOW!

Pixie, Nixie & Odile have glitters with emerald and turquoise in them – they’re perfect for summer and look stunning with summer brights on the beach. I love the bright strong green glitter diamonds and triangles in Pixie!mua_luxe_-_glitter_polish_-_tatiana_1

Luna, Laila & Tatiana have undertones of silver or black so these work well into the evening, and again look fabulous over a solid shade, lifting the glitter and dazzling the effect on your nails. Tatiana with its pink and silver base wins my ‘Stamp of Approval’

So get sparkling and shimmering with your manicures and pedicures girls, these are just superb!

There’re available exclusively from Superdrug and MUA Store and only £3 each