Can’t Live Without – NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Pencil

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It’s an essential in my own makeup bag! 

I love eye shadows that actually last throughout the day.  Creamy pencils that blend easily but stay in place and don’t crease.  And, after trying it out, I love this one – NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Color Pencil

“A long wearing eye shadow pencil that highlights, provides intense colour, precise lining and primes lids for all day wear.”NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Colour Pencil

I’ve been usng Twilight – a nude, natural soft shade as a base eye shadow colour on it’s own for a daytime look, or blended with shimmers and darker shades for a more smoky night time look .

It applies perfectly and blends so easily.  It comes in a cute little tin and the jumbo size pencil also comes with it’s own pencil sharpener too.

NUDESTIX Available from Amazon Beauty – £24

Create This Look

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Using Mehron Makeup, first I used Celebre Pro HD Foundation to create a high quality base for the model’s skin.  Then to show you how I created this look on her eyes, I’ve detailed what colours and products I used and where I used them

JC Hermier Bruja Estrella Howe Katrina Stamp1 – Eyebrows; brushed gently and shaped then defined by filling in with E.Y.E. Powder Cocoa

2 – The brow bone is highlighted subtly with Precious Gems in Diamond

3 – Into the corner of the eye, Precious Gems Diamond is blended with Precious Gems Citrine

4 – E.Y.E. Powder Espresso is a base to the socket area, blended into E.Y.E. Powder colour Black over the base colour

5 – E.Y.E. Powder Black is applied under the bottom lashes and blended above into section 4Eye

Here’s how to do this:

Can’t Live Without – Dior’s Incognito

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It’s an essential in my own makeup bag! 

I prefer to keep my own daytime makeup natural and subtle, using nude tones and shades for my eye shadow as opposed to strong smoky eyes and shimmers – Katrina Stamp MUA Jan Polcek Becky WrenchWhilst still wearing makeup, I like to wear neutral colours; eye shadows that are matte, subtle and soft; browns and natural skin tones, resulting in a makeup finish that’s barely there – often called a ‘No Makeup’ look.  My favourite is an eye shadow palette called Dior (Incognito) – 5 couleurs

 “The legendary Dior palette, with its rich and long-lasting colours, offers an infinite range of possibilities.”

Dior Incognito eyeshadowI use this as Dior advise -“Apply the lightest shade to the inside corner of the upper eyelid and a darker shade along the upper lash line. To finish, add a third colour to the corner of the middle lid and, for intensity and emphasis, apply another shade under the lower lash line.”

But don’t get me wrong, much as I love this I still bring out my  colours, shimmers and glitters for my eyes at night!!



Flawless Makeup? Airbrushing Myself!

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So what a great result – Airbase Make-Up have brought out an airbrushing system for High Definition (HD) Airbrush Makeup that ANYONE can use – at home!!  I got in contact with Airbase Make-up to have a look at their new system and find out how it works – I posted a recent blog detailing how easy it is to set up and assemble the airbrush at home yourself, and you can read that here – https://katrinastamp.com/2014/03/31/flawless-makeup-airbrush-it-yourself/Airbase Kit Unpacked

HD airbrushed makeup gives beautiful, flawless coverage that, using a silicone based foundation, will last ALL day.  It’s perfect for brides for their wedding day makeup because it stays put!  It’s also essential for TV and Film work because the HD quality is so good.

Prepping for Airbrushing
Airbase Foundations & ThinnerSo inside my Mirrored Vanity Unit with its LED lit mirror there’s a Perfecting Primer, a couple of 10ml bottles containing silicone based foundations (you choose two colours to match your own skin tone), a 10ml bottle of bronze (you may get a bronzer or a blusher) and a Mini Eye Shadow Palette – all of these I’m going to use now to try this kit out with the airbrush.

I’ve cleansed, toned and moisturised my skin and clipped my hair back out of my way as I don’t want to spray that!  Now time to apply the Primer.

The idea of a cosmetic primers (eyes, lips, foundation, mascara) is to prep the skin before applying your makeup. By using a foundation primer first the skin will be smoother to start with, meaning that your foundation will sit much more evenly and smoothly on your skin, and your foundation will last longer.   Airbase PrimerFoundation primers work by decreasing the look of fine lines, blemishes and pigmentation.  Some give a more matte appearance, reducing shine, some contain light reflecting particles to make the skin more radiant and some are tinted to improve skin tone.  Whatever, your preference a good primer provides a good base giving a great flawless complexion and helping your makeup last.

It’s a real bonus that I get one as part of my kit, so I use the pump to dispense some onto my hand and apply it all over my face with my finger tips.  It’s a good one – a clear gel, non greasy, smells nice and it leaves my skin really soft with a more matte cover.

Using The Airbrush
I’ve added about 10 drops of the foundation that best matches my skin tone and diluted it a little with some of the Thinner and Cleaner.  The instructions say that the thinner will help to get the right thickness so that when I switch the airbrush on it sprays smoothly and evenly onto the tissue before I spray my face.  It’s great and sprays out colour onto the tissue when I press the green trigger down.  The closer I move the nozzle to the tissue, the more dense the colour, and further away, the lighter the colour.

Ready to go!  I face the mirror and without pressing the trigger, let the air blow over my face to get used to it.  Nothing scary about this!  So I press the trigger and it feels slightly colder when the foundation comes out.  It works!  Avoiding my eye brows and eye lashes, and the hairline, I carry on spraying the foundation all over my face – I can see the foundation start to build, but it doesn’t look cakey or heavy at all.  It looks great, and even, and yes – it actually does look “flawless”

Once the product runs out of the cup I stop.  It’s been enough to give my face a light foundation coverage, and I like it.  I will definitely use this again, even though it takes slightly longer to apply foundation in this method as opposed to with a brush.  But it’s worth it and I also note that I don’t need to use a powder to set the foundation either because the finish is so good.

Completing The Look
Airbase Eyeshadow PaletteIt’s just a case now of blusher, eye makeup and lips to finish my look.  The Mini Eye Shadow Palette has six colours in it, and the pigment is really strong.  I blend two of the colours together – the lighter grey over my eyelid and the darker grey into my socket line.

With everything else applied in the normal way – liner, mascara, lips – I am done and ready to go.


Later on …… I’m still pleased to see that my makeup, especially my foundation hasn’t moved and looks just as good!






Gleam and Shine with Glo Minerals

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If you’re reading this, come and say hello to four of my favourite products from Glo Minerals

Introducing –

Gleam Shimmer Brick – £27.50
Metallic Smoky Eye Kit – £27
24k Gold Dust – £30.95
Clear Lip Plumper – £11.50

Testing these products and reviewing them for my magazine beauty pages, has been a pleasure, so much so that I thought I’d share my comments with you too.  Check out the latest edition of Just Weddings Magazine (September 2013) and you’ll see two of them feature in there!

Gleam Shimmer Brick is made up of four gorgeous, light, shimmery colours in four equal segments.  You can apply easily with a soft blusher or bronzing brush, swirling all four of them together forShimmer Brick, gleam - glominerals a captivating all-over-highlight or use each colour individually to highlight and define your face, cheeks and eyes.  I love the effect, and I love how effective the shimmery powder is!   This product has now stayed in my makeup kit, as a permanent fixture and is absolutely recommended!

Glo Minerals tells me it’s formulated with an exclusive antioxidant blend of Vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea Extract.  Can’t be bad!Metallic Smoky Eye Kit - glominerals

And then there’s the Metallic Smoky Eye Kit! This is gorgeous!  The eyeshadow box has four fabulous metallic colours that blend beautifully together creating a sultry, metallic smoky eye.  It’s all boxed up in a sleek, mirrored compact and includes an easy five step application guide.

The 24k Gold Dust is a fabulous, indulgently rich shimmering gold powder, which highlights any area with a rich golden sheen!  Apply to brow bones to highlight eyes, wear as a shadow over the whole lid, or dust over cheeks, arms and decolletage for a real party feel!

And I also love the Glo Minerals Clear Lip Plumper.  I’m told it’s “infused with spheres of Marine Collagen Atelocollgen and (like other Glo products) exclusive antioxidant blend of vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract”, and works “by plumping lips by trapping water and swelling, thus providing volume to the skin’s structures”.

When you use it you feel a light tingling sensation as the plumper starts working immediately. You can wear it alone or before you apply your lip colour.  I love it.  I like the sensation as it works and love the look it gives my lips making them fuller.

All of the Glo Minerals products I’ve tried and tested so far have won me over, but these are my fab 4!