Induldge for National Chocolate Week!

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If you need a reason to induldge in chocolate and you need to justify even the tiniest morsel, you’ll have the perfect excuse from the 14th – 20th October 2013.

It’s National Chocolate Week!

But what if you’re following that diet and strictly counting those calories???  Here’s how you CAN absolutely enjoy cocoa, rich chocolate, induldge entirely and you don’t have to let one piece pass your lips!

Try these three products:

Mon Epris (meaning ‘My Love’ in French) is a completely Ethical, Natural & Organic skincare brand for a wide array of skincare needs.  I tried a few of their products recently and fell in love with two of their best sellers, from their Cocoa Roche Collection.

The Cocoa Kiss Lip Scrub is fabulous and I can see why Mon Epris says ‘truly addictive!’ Combining Cocoa & Orange, this yummy scrub exfoliates your lips to remove dead skin cells, resulting in soft, smooth & kissable lips and it tastes divine!  Then Cocoa Kiss Lip Scrubthe Cookies & Cream Scrub is definitely for you if you love chocolate and love cookies & cream!  It smells heavenly, exactly as you think it should, and, is seriously almost good enough to eat.  It’s a facial exfoliator that removes dead skin cells, and moisturises too revealing fresh, soft & beautiful skin.

Mon Epris have carried out extensive research in the beauty field to create products that can hail to be Paraben & Sulphate free which have not been tested on animals and are suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

They are committed to using Essential Oils, OrganicContras Colour Restore CA Carton v2.4 Shea & Natural Extracts in all  their products avoiding the use of chemicals throughout the collections.

Then why not treat your hair too?

Scott Cornwall has developed Colour Restore Chocolate (£11.99 from Boots).  Its got NO Peroxide or Ammonia in it and helps bring your brunette hair back to a rich glossy, chocolate colour!

Great treats and a great reason to enjoy chocolate and not feel guilty!