Have you got a Special Occasion or Prom Night coming up?  Are you getting married and looking for your Hen Party or Wedding and Bridal makeup?  Do you fancy having some seductive photos taken on a beautiful Boudoir shoot?   I provide all of these services as well as makeup backstage on fashion shows and photo shoots, or for Films, Corporate Video or Music Videos.

Whether you are looking to launch a new product, have someone oversee an entire operation, shoot a corporate film or make a music video – I can help.  My background, key skills, extensive experience and contacts mean I am perfectly placed to deliver what you need.

Do you want me to review a new product for you? Test out the latest brand product launch?  My articles feature online in publications or here on my Blog.  I’m happy to interview and get the facts too – I understand how important it is to be correctly understood and get the right message across.

I can help with your requirements, writing for you or providing makeup services.  I can work with you one on one or by pulling together a team together to deliver what’s needed.

Contact me and we can discuss in more detail.


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