Glen Jevon, Director
“Katrina is always a joy to work with. From the moment I get told she’s on a shoot with me, a huge part of me breathes a sigh of relief knowing that there’s so much going to be taken care of that I don’t need to worry about anymore.
She is a consummate professional with an outstanding eye for detail that leaves nothing overlooked. Any contact or detail I could need has been anticipated and is documented clearly well in advance of the shoot.
On set she works extremely hard to ensure things run smoothly and to time. On more than one occasion I’ve only found out about issues after the shoot that have been swiftly and efficiently sorted by Katrina right there on the day before they became a problem. Every director should have a Katrina.”

Yana Kalugina, Freelance Video Editor
“Katrina is wonderful person to work with. I have worked with her twice, and would definitely do so again. Very reliable and professional, she delivered fantastic results for our cast. She was also very helpful on set.   Such a great personality and energy!”

William Kirkham, Managing Director – Targa Florio Cars
“Thank you all so much for all of your efforts yesterday, very impressed and a special thanks to Katrina for pulling the whole thing together, efficiently with such professionalism. It was a great day, can’t wait to see the finished video now!!”

Sheila Gordhan, Singer – Songwriter
“Katrina was the Producer on my video ‘Ten Feet High’- a dance video shot in both London and Ibiza. From the moment I met her, I knew that having her on board was essential because of her professionalism and passion. It was evident from the start that she would play a key role in organisation and structuring the day’s shoot in London as well as the 2-day shoot in Ibiza. Katrina’s attention to detail and precise time keeping meant that we were on time for every point of the shoot, and it also meant that the shoot went as efficiently as possible.

Katrina also did my makeup; before the video shoot we discussed both in person and via email the type of look I wanted for my video. This was reassuring and meant that she was preparing for what I wanted beforehand. I was over the moon that she delivered the exact look I wanted for each stage of the video; not easy in the extreme heat in Ibiza, but Katrina made me feel at ease every step of the way, ensuring I looked as flawless as possible under the scorching sunshine! It also included an underwater scene involving fantastic waterproof makeup, which was perfect for that scene.

It was thoroughly enjoyable working with such a positive, friendly and professional person and I am looking forward to working with her again. I would highly recommend her for her services.’

Lee Hyde, Film Director
“I shot with Katrina this weekend, and you’ll want her on your crew.  This is partly because she starts working on the project from the moment she’s on board. On the day, she gave input wherever it was needed (and had a small supporting role too!). She’s everything you need and more.”

Chris Keller, Filmmaker/VFX artist
“You were absolutely fantastic!  I’d love to work with you again on my upcoming projects.” IMDB: Christopher Keller

Oliver Milburn, Film Director
“Thanks for your work. You really did an amazing job and I’d love to work with you again.

Ian Massa-Harris, Creative Director & Head MUA, The Soho Concept
“I have had the pleasure in both training and subsequently working with Katrina on various projects, as my assistant and lead artist. She is an extremely diligent, creative and hard working artist with fantastic eye for detail and a great ability of adjusting quickly to a changing brief or in some cases lack of brief. I would recommend Katrina without hesitation and know I shall be working a lot with her in a wide variety of projects.”

Masato Jones, Designer
“Do you need a makeup artist or a business adviser?  Follow @KatrinaStamp
A qualified international makeup artist with business acumen is a rare quality.”
MDO Studios
, Photographers
“We’ve used a LOT of different MUAs in our time and without question, Katrina is definitely one of the best you’ll find”

Angel Thomas, Founder, In Moda Fashion Showcase
“Katrina was Lead MUA at the In Moda Fashion Showcase in November 2013. She did an amazing job at coordinating a team of 4 make up artists in a very busy backstage! Katrina led the team in creating 9 different looks for approx 30 models, the proof is in the pudding as the pictures came out stunning! I can definitely recommend Katrina for her professionalism, work ethic, positive attitude, and of course her great make up artistry!”

 Jeffrey Euen-Gow, Director, Seventa Image Makeup
A special shout out to one of our favourite makeup artists Katrina Stamp. This girl knows how to get the job done #flawless #makeup #art” “We highly recommend Katrina Stamp – superb, multi talented, always gets the job done. Class and precision all the way!”

 Dan Richardson, Actor
“Katrina’s expertise, her ability and the very great care she takes over her art instill enormous confidence. In my personal experience of working with her, she has covered everything from glowingly healthy to death-warmed-up, in both daytime and nighttime, under natural light, studio light and ‘house-light’ conditions, and she has seemlessly achieved all of it. Katrina’s energy and enthusiasm make her an invaluable team member and a delight to be on set with. Even in a seriously time-constrained and high-pressure environment, you can depend on her unwavering good-humour. I’m looking forward to working with Katrina again on future projects and I have no hesitation in recommending her very highly.”

Harvey Gordon, Photographer
“I worked with Katrina on a Fashion Avant Guarde shoot. She is not only highly skilled with a strong artistic flare, but she also engaged with us as a creative team member adding a practiced and experienced eye to the styling. She is also an easy person to work with. A very nice person with a great sense of humour. Highly recommended…”

Lexi Kiddo, Film Producer
“I am really glad to have worked with Katrina. She is a talented make-up artist that can deliver high-quality results. She is very reliable and has a great attitude.”

Kim McGearty, Hair Stylist, Tip Top Hair and Nails
“I’ve worked with Katrina on a number of shoots and Katrina is, above all, professional and a perfectionist.  Being part of the crew with Katrina is not only professionally rewarding but a fun experience.  Highly recommended.”

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