Film & TV

Whatever your film, music video or commercial, whatever your deadlines, your budget, your location, you’ll get results you need if you have a reliable, experienced and fast makeup Gloria Garcia Katrina Stampartist and a competent Producer.  You should also want a crew who keep to schedules, and budgets and works well with the entire production team, crew and actors.  Experienced in both makeup AND Production, I can deliver what you need and I can also bring HD airbrushing skills and special FX (SFX) experience to the set too.

Do you need to compile a crew?  Do you have a music video to make? Do you need to make an actor look ill, old, ‘under the influence’?   Do you need a basic ‘no makeup’ look? Whatever you need for the camera and wherever the location, you’ll get the film recording you need.

I can quote for you based on the job, depending on number of hours, days filming, requirements, travel time/location.  Contact me with what you need to shoot and for more details.

In the meantime, please read my Testimonials page if you want to know what other Directors and crew have said about working with me!

References and insurance also available on request.

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