I work alongside a number of talented photographers and together we offer Boudoir photo shoots. Ladies, from sexy classic style sensual images to vintage, shy to daring and bold, we can help you create images you’ll love, with a romantic, seductive or artistic feel.

Katrina stamp boudoirBefore your session begins, we allow time where you relax (often over a glass of champagne!), and your makeup is prepared for your photo shoot. You can discuss ideas you have, review props you might want to use and let me know the type of images you want to create, so that I can get your makeup exactly as you want. You can even do this in the comfort of your own home!

Choose from an hour, two, three or longer for your actual photographs to be taken, it’s up to you. We even offer a bespoke package for you and a friend, if you want to do this but need that little bit of courage and support whilst you’re getting ready!

katrina stamp boudoirTalk about your ideas and we can work with you so you get the images you want – and, at the end, you get a disc of your pictures, with as many outfit changes desired in the time frame you selected.Katrina Stamp Boudoir

I’m always getting asked questions about the photo shoots, so with the photographers, we’ve put together some information for you that may help when making your booking.

What photos do you take?
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You can decide. You may want a vintage look, or you may decide that you want that classic Boudoir image. Don’t worry if you’re shy or if you’re daring and want to be slightly more risqué, we can work it all for you. See our gallery for more ideas. Anything goes!

What shall I wear?
 Matching sets, corsets, suspenders, stockings, lacy hold ups… These all work beautifully. Do you have something sexy, pretty, maybe lacy, something raunchy, something cheeky? Do you want a vintage theme? Overall it’s up to you… What makes you feel sexy? You don’t have to wear anything at all!

And don’t forget your heels ladies! Make sure they’re clean and polished, and don’t have labels stuck on the bottom if they’re new!

If you want something really unusual and special for your photos, have a look at these options. Revival Lingerie and Sonata Lingerie.

2014-04-26 16.24.59As well as my underwear, is there anything else I should bring?
We have a variety of props you can use including feather boas, hats, masquerade masks, fans, pearls, gloves and lots more. But be creative. Do you have something in your cupboard that might work? Don’t be shy, we’ve seen it all! Handcuffs, playing cards, long boots, a sex book, cocktail shakers, a man’s shirt, fur coats, rose petals, feather fans, whips, even chocolate body paint…. Anything can be worked into your images with you, just no pets please!

How many times can I change?
You can change outfits as many times as you like, within your chosen amount of time, it’s entirely up to you. Unlike lots of companies that offer this service, we don’t specify a set number of outfits or shots you can have. We want you to chose the amount of time you want to have photos taken for and wear what you want to wear, it’s your photo shoot.

What happens with my makeup?
Your makeup will be applied for you so you don’t have to worry. You can even have false lashes applied for a very dramatic and seductive look. We allow an hour for this, whilst you enjoy a glass of champagne!

What happens after the shoot?
Once it’s finished your professional photographer will complete your images. They will then be sent to you on disc. Unlike other companies, you don’t have to chose one or two, you can have them ALL so you can decide which ones you want printed, in your own time. This also means it’s far quicker as you don’t have to come back in and select which image you want.

Is there anything else I should know?
We suggest that you avoid fake tan, or ensure that you don’t have any patchy marks, because this can show up on camera. It’s also a good idea to keep your nails simple, painted in one colour or natural as opposed to lots of nail art! And don’t forget to paint your toe nails too! We also keep a supply of holdups and stockings here… Just in case they’re needed!

What does it cost?
We can offer Boudoir photo shoots in the comfort of your own home or on location, whichever you desire.

You can also make as many outfit and accessory changes as you wish in your chosen time, and the images taken will be yours to keep on disc. You don’t have to pick just one or two images at the end.

Our Prices
1 hour photo shoot (plus 1 hour for makeup) – £240
2 hour photo shoot (plus 1 hour for makeup) – £400
Over 2 hours – Price on Application

If you want a little morale support, we even offer a Friends Package where you and a friend have a shoot together over 1 hour.  Both of you will have makeup applied over an hour each, relaxing and chatting over a glass of champagne, and then you split the following hour between you for the photographs, for which you will receive two discs.

1 hour Friend Package (plus 1 hour each for makeup) – £280

Please note: A non-refundable deposit of 20% is payable before your shoot. 20 miles of travel is included in all the above prices. Journeys over 20 miles from London, SE15 will be charged at 45p per mile. Any additional costs such as parking will be added to the final cost.

If you want to know more, and make a booking, please contact me for more details (Please note, prices may vary depending on photographer)

To give you some ideas!

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