Ibiza gets us #TenFeetHigh

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And we’re now back in the UK and back to reality!clapper board #TenFeetHigh

What a great few days we just had filming with the exceptionally talented Sheila Gordhan for her latest music video on her track – Ten Feet High.

I had no idea when I met Sheila in London at the British Film Institute just how switched on and lovely this artist really is.  As well as beautiful looks (and, yes, she’s a dream to makeup), with a song bird voice, she also writes her own songs and speaks SIX languages! Sheila Gordhan Ibiza #TenFeetHigh She even composes some of her lyrics in French.  And boy is she unbelievably dedicated to and passionate about her goal and her career.

Introduced to Sheila by Billy Freedom (Joe Barboza), the Music Producer whom she collaborated with for this track – Ten Feet High, I worked with Redskin Media as the Line Producer (and Makeup Artist) for the music video.  I worked alongside a small but great crew of:
Director and Director of Photography – Owen A Smith
1st Assistant Director – Steven Cholerton
1st Assistant Camera Operator – Josh Levine

Working with Sheila, Owen started to compile the storyboard for the track, so we could plan out the shooting schedule and locations for filming in Ibiza.  Karl Kula #TenFeetHigh Karl Kula, whose rap features on the track, couldn’t make it overseas at the same time so we worked with him separately in the UK, filming at the RS Club in Woodford before we left.Sheila Gordhan Katrina Stamp #TenFeetHigh

Once flights were sorted, car hire and accommodation all booked, we flew out to Ibiza, heavily loaded with full camera kit, and off on location hunts.  Sheila Gordhan #TenFeetHigh IbizaDriving round Ibiza you really do get to see how beautiful the island is – there is SO much more to it.  Forget the drunkenness and vile images portrayed by hyped up programmes designed to grab the viewers and boost their ratings.  Instead you see beautiful beaches, cliffs and blue seas, stunning white villas on tree covered and green hill sides and the fabulous Dalt Vila in the Old Town of Ibiza.  I really got to understand why this island is so popular and loved by so many, returning year after year.

Ibiza Sa Caleta #TenFeetHighWe picked Sa Caleta beach at sunset for one location; the cliffs perfectly fitting into the #TenFeetHigh theme.  And a private villa hired by Sheila for another location.  Balconies, stunning views, an infinity pool and everything you imagine about warm sunny days, cool villas and blue skies.  Sheila Gordhan #TenFeetHigh Ibiza Aug 14The Ocean Beach Club in San Antonio also provided a very beautiful and private location with fantastic hospitality – kindly allowing us to film before they opened the doors to the public.

I have to admit working with Sheila and this crew was superb.  Being able to do my job (Head of Production) for her on this music video, in Ibiza – well that just made it WOW!

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