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I now really understand just how powerful and how useful social media can be.  FrenzyHouse logoThanks to my constant obsession with Tweeting and Twitter, I got contacted by Lisa Rouse, Director of FrenzyHouse to arrange a meeting and I’m really glad I did.  Not only have I now got a great friendship with Lisa, but I’ve also seen (and own) their fabulous Sound Wave card messages and canvas prints they do.

Not got a clue what I mean??  Neither did I until Lisa showed me something pretty cool.

Lisa’s partner, Steve (as described, in her own Blog on her site, as ‘Mr Frenzy’) is a Voice Over Artist. You’ll have heard him on adverts, You Tube Clips, voice books and the radio; his voice recorded in his studio. Frenzy House Soundwave ImageShowing that his job really is a passion, he decided to create something unique and really special as a surprise birthday present for Lisa. That surprise present has now transformed into a new business venture for FrenzyHouse.

Using his sound recording equipment, Steve recorded a message for Lisa. The sound waves from his voice speaking the message were then compiled with the words underneath and printed onto a canvas.

As well as being a very personal gift to Lisa, they realised just how special these messages could be for their clients. You see, Lisa and Steve told me that everyone’s voice pattern is totally unique, like a fingerprint. A print of your voice pattern saying your own message is a one off.

But this is the best part – You can record your OWN message into your phone or laptop, e-mail it over and FrenzyHouse will create a canvas or print from the patterns of your voice!  It is a simple and as personal as that.

It’s amazing and I didn’t initially realise how much you can do but the options are immense.  Think about a weddings – I’ve seen them capture the ‘I Do’ moment (both voices on one print with Mr & Mrs and the wedding date printed on it too!), the heartbeat of a baby for a baby shower, your kids telling you that they love you or a cheeky message for someone you love.  But it was the cheeky messages that Lisa made just for me and got us thinking together.  I loved the idea of small cards already made with a fun message on, and so did Lisa.  FrenzyHouse now make them as gift cards!

Get ya coat… Keep ya pecker up!     Tasty bird!       Bobs ya uncle!      Keep Smiling!        Oi Oi Sexy!

And loads more – all here:

But they don’t just do Sound Wave Prints.  FrenzyHouse is an online shop that brings together and showcases local and UK talent.  They sell unusual gifts, gimmicks, cards and treats, lots with a hint of humour and definitely bags of style.  Having spent many years in the suited corporate world of retail, Lisa took the plunge in April 2014 to go out alone and set up her own business.  Thrilled by the wealth of talent on her doorstep (Hampshire) she decided to create a platform for small producers to sell and shout about their creations – and so FrenzyHouse was born.  She’s clearly spent hours of time researching for products to sell on her site.  With brands such as Lily and Mae for stunning mugs, Stuart Gardiner for fabulous kitchen textiles and Lily and Olli’s luxury scented candles.  The product the range is growing daily but all with a very unique handwriting that is synonymous with FrenzyHouse.

Well worth a peek –

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