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I’m definitely a gloss or lip balm girl, usually preferring to keep the colour natural, but got to say, I’m really loving the matte lip look!

At first I wasn’t sure that colour on your lips would work, without a shine or gloss finish, but I’ve been trying out some great lipsticks and lip paints on the market. One I really loved is the new range of Luxury Lipstick from Ten Image Professional – they’re good.

They’ve brought out a range of seven matte, velvety and High Definition (HD) quality colours that last for hours. The pigment is fabulous and because it’s so adhesive, it glides on smoothly. It also, as Ten Image say “improves imperfections”.  I like it!

Colours offered in the Luxury Lipstick Glamorous Look Collection are –
Matte PinkTen Image luxury lipsticks
Cherry Red
Soft Mocha
Soft Burgundy
Mink Pink
Purple Velvet


And with this summer’s trend of coral lips, their Coral lipstick, with its matte long lasting finish, is just what I need to take me all day from the beach parties into the warm summer evenings.

Ten Image Professional is made by Cazcarra Image Group from Barcelona, Spain.  Carmen Cazcarra, the name behind the company has dedicated her life to the development of the expression of beauty and art. Maintaining a splendid public image and the exposure of the inner beauty is the focus of her product line. Her personal grooming institution, Cazcarra Image Group is always considered to be the best in the industry and it is from the success of this institution that the professional makeup products Ten Image Professional line came into existence.

Seventa ImageThese lipsticks and Ten Image Professional Makeup is available from their execlusive UK supplier, Seventa Image.  Seventa Image provide makeup artistry services and also many other creative professional services across the beauty, fashion, film and music industries.


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