Flawless Makeup? Airbrush it.. Yourself!

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If you haven’t heard of High Definition (HD) Airbrush Makeup yet – you’re missing a trick!
If you’re getting married and your makeup artist hasn’t told you about airbrushing your makeup for your day – ask them why!!

HD airbrushed makeup gives beautiful, flawless coverage that, with a silicone based foundation, lasts ALL day.  Just fabulous for brides for their wedding day makeup!

Airbrushing makeup has been around for a while and HD airbrushed makeup is one of those essential skills that makeup artists, who want to work in TV and film have to get qualified in.  The results are so good.  For all the films and music videos I do, and always for a bride on her wedding day, I’ll airbrush makeup on.  I also use it for male makeup too, because it’s so light and doesn’t make them look like they’re wearing makeup.

So what a great result – Airbase Make-Up have brought out an airbrushing system that ANYONE can use – at home!!

There are lots of companies on the market that provide airbrushing equipment and makeup, but I already use Airbase Make-Up professionally, so I got in contact with the company to have a look at their new system and find out how it works – I thought I’d share my experiences with you in this blog.

Airbase Make-Up say the new system that they have designed is for everyone (the retail market), and anyone can use it, at home, every day!  Anyone?  Every day?  Let’s see how easy it really is…..

The Kit Arrives
It’s here – I unbox it all carefully and check everything off against the list of contents.Airbase Kit Unpacked

Mirrored Vanity Unit with LED lit mirror
Airbrush Compressor
High Definition Airbrush
3 x 10ml silicone based Foundation, Blush or Bronze *
30ml Thinner & Cleaner

* I have two foundations and a bronzer.

But I’m missing the Mini Eye Shadow Palette and the Perfecting Primer, so I contact Airbase Make-Up and they both arrive in the post for me the next day – Super quick service!

Assembling The Airbrush
It really is straightforward – providing you READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!Airbase Kit Assembled

The kit comes with a Step by Step guide on how to assemble the airbrush.  It’s also got very clear pictures, so I follow them as they detail and it’s going OK so far.

I now have the nozzle on the airbrush, it’s tightened as I’m guided to do, the product cup is in place, ready for the foundation to go into and the airbrush hose is now attached to the back.  It looks like the picture – always a good start!

So I’m finished and I’m ready to start using it now!

Using The Airbrush
I’ve removed the protective temporary cover from the mirror, and plugged the unit in.  The power cable could do with being a little longer, but as the mirror in the lid of the case angles right back, I can plug it in where convenient.  There’s a switch at the top for the five very bright LED lights on each side of the mirror.

Now it’s time to get the foundation into the airbrush – back to the step by step guide – and I’m following it to the letter.

I shake the foundation bottle then put about 6 drops into the holder on the side of the airbrush.  It’s quite thick and nothing comes out when I turn the power on and test spray against a tissue.  Back to the instructions!
Airbase Test Spray
On the back is a Trouble Shooting section – and the first point is one called ‘No Product Flow’ – as soon as I look at the things to check for, I don’t think there’s enough foundation there as well as it looks too thick, so I dilute with a little bit of the Thinner and Cleaner and add a little more foundation too.

Let’s try again!

Bingo, it works and the foundation sprays out onto the tissue!

I practice for a bit on the tissue to get the flow right so I don’t get too much product in one area, and now’s time to give it a go on my face!


Come back for part 2 – Airbrushing HD Foundation

2 thoughts on “Flawless Makeup? Airbrush it.. Yourself!

    Anne Louise said:
    March 31, 2014 at 8:40 pm

    oohh I bet this makes amaaaazing results!

    […] So what a great result – Airbase Make-Up have brought out an airbrushing system for High Definition (HD) Airbrush Makeup that ANYONE can use – at home!!  I got in contact with Airbase Make-up to have a look at their new system and find out how it works – I posted a recent blog detailing how easy it is to set up and assemble the airbrush at home yourself, and you can read that here – https://katrinastamp.com/2014/03/31/flawless-makeup-airbrush-it-yourself/ […]

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