Shu Uemura! Wow!

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If you haven’t tried their beauty products, you are missing a trick!

Famous for their brushes, lashes and beautiful makeup application techniques, and a convert of these already, I’ve recently discovered a couple more of their other beauty products. Superb!

A talented makeup friend recently joined their makeup team in their flagship store and he has been guiding me through how to use the products professionally to get the best results. It’s worth spending time with counter staff, who are all trained in the makeup they are selling and how to use them best. They are there to help you understand what’s what, so do make the most of them for any brand.

But two new discoveries for me start with the cleansing oils….. Beautiful soft cleansing oils, EVEN if you have greasy skin, they are amazing. I have the Balancing Cleansing Oil and it’s so easy to use. Apply with dry hands to dry skin, rub in to remove makeup and grime, then rinse off. Soft clean skin. They work with just hands and water or muslin cleansing cloths too and are fabulous with stubborn waterproof liners and mascaras too.

I’ve also been using the eye treatment Tsuya Eye, which is £32 and fabulous. I’ve just taken a long haul flight and the effects of jet lag have been taking their toll. But this is great, and it works. Noticeably so (so many don’t!)
Shu Uemura say, on their own site, that it’s a “”youth power switch” for petal-soft, glowing, more youthful-looking skin” – and that 100% of women who tried it would but it afterwards. I have to say its definitely one to have on the list if you have tired eyes, suffer from dark circles and puffiness.

Read my latest blog on UV Under Base Mousse from Shu Uemura (£29) here –



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